Please note that this software is no longer being supported or updated.

ArrayDB 2.0 is a software suite that provides an interactive user interface for the mining and analysis of microarray gene expression data. All of the analyzed expression data from a microarray experiment, as well as information about the clones used in the experiment, are stored in a relational database (Ermolaeva, O. et al., Nature Genetics 20: 19-23,1998). Newly-developed upload tools allow individual investigators to directly populate the database through a Web front-end. The data itself can then be viewed by the user through the use of CGI scripts and Java applets. The CGI scripts provide connections to the relational database, and the applets provide a graphical representation of the experimental data. The two main applets currently available are the Experiment Viewer and the Multi-Experiment Viewer. The Experiment Viewer presents the expression data for a single experiment in histogram form, allowing specific areas of the histogram to be selected. Once a selection is made, the actual microarray slide image is displayed, as well as detailed information about each of the clones in the selected range. Each clone is also linked to a variety of external databases, such as UniGene, Entrez, dbEST, KEGG, and GeneCards, when such information is available. The Multi-Experiment Viewer allows the user to query a range of related experiments at one time in order to see changes in the pattern of expression of the same gene over different experiments.

Software Version: V2.1.03 beta

Last Modified: Thursday, 24-Jun-2010 14:22:58 EDT